Laditum is currently in its beta-testing phase. We are continuously working to improve the site for our users. Please contact Laditum Support for assistance or to provide feedback. We are available 24/7 to help walk you through the questionnaires and any other issues you may be experiencing.

laditum support

Laditum Support

If you require support, have any questions, technical issues, or would like assistance navigating a questionnaire, please contact Laditum Support immediately at  Laditum takes pride in responding to inquiries expeditiously.

Our team is available 24/7 to assist you.  We will answer questions and walk you through the entire process of completing a questionnaire, from start to finish.  Because we are currently developing an online messaging system, we are able to assist you via email and phone.

Laditum is currently in its beta testing phase.  We are constantly working to improve the site for our users.  Therefore, we greatly encourage and appreciate all feedback regarding the website.  We strongly urge you to please contact Laditum Support with any issues, problems, and feedback to help us resolve any situation that arises and to improve the overall user-flow of our site.  We also welcome positive feedback to help us determine what works well.

Thank you,