Laditum is currently in its beta-testing phase. We are continuously working to improve the site for our users. Please contact Laditum Support for assistance or to provide feedback. We are available 24/7 to help walk you through the questionnaires and any other issues you may be experiencing.

How It Works

How it works is simple.  We unbundled commoditized legal documentation from bespoke legal services, to the benefit of both customers and authors.  In other words, we designed the Laditum Marketplace (LaditumMP) with customer convenience as our top priority.  Searching for a legal document is seamless.  Additionally, using our self-help questionnaires is straightforward and efficient.  Customers can quickly and easily create a legal document, customized to their specific needs and circumstances.  Finally, because Laditum requires complete transparency from its authors, customers can easily access the expert that drafted the document.  Thus, should a customer have questions regarding the document or seek additional legal services, they have direct access.

How it works for authors is revolutionary.  Because we provide LaditumDAS to authors for free, all authors must do is create a profile and begin uploading documents.  Upon uploading documents, authors can leverage our technology to turn their “static documents” into “smart documents.”  Thus, we enable authors to sell their documents and generate passive income from customers who use their self-help questionnaires.  Moreover, by participating, authors can gain market exposure and increase the likelihood of acquiring new clients.