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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are to help provide site visitors with solutions regarding user flow and overall experience.

FAQ re: Orders and Checkout

I can’t find my purchased document. Where do I find the document I just purchased?

Go to your Customer Account and select the Orders menu.

How do I create and download my purchased document?

View your Orders from your Customer Account page, and click the “View the Document” link.

Can I save my progress and revisit the questionnaire later?

At this time, you may revisit the questionnaire until it is complete.  However, you must complete the questionnaire in one sitting—you cannot save your questionnaire and continue later.  If you close your tab or browser, you will have to return to your order and start a new questionnaire.  Laditum is currently in its Beta-testing phase and is working to improve this process.  If you have any questions, technical issues, or would like assistance navigating a questionnaire, please contact Laditum Support immediately at

What should I do if I have an error with checkout, filling out the questionnaire, downloading, or another technical issue while using your site?

Contact Laditum Support immediately and describe the issue with as much detail as possible. We are quick to respond.

FAQ re: Laditum

How can you make legal documents so inexpensive?

We leverage leading automation technology to help authors efficiently prepare customizable legal documents.  Our mission is to provide easy access to affordable, high-quality legal documents to anyone, anywhere.

What kinds of documents are offered on Laditum?

The Laditum Document Library is vast and offers a myriad of legal documents in virtually every field of law.  We continuously review authors’ documents to grow our library.  However, if you cannot find a document you seek, please send us a request—the document may be in the works and we may be able to help you find exactly what you are looking for.  Please visit the Document Library page to see the different documents we offer.

Is Laditum managed by attorneys?

Yes, Laditum is operated and managed by attorneys licensed to practice in the United States.  Please visit the About Laditum page to learn more about us.

Does Laditum provide legal advice?

No.  Using the Laditum website, any documents or information obtained from Laditum, and consulting Laditum personnel does not constitute legal advice in any way.  For more information, please review Laditum’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Legal Disclaimers.

How do I know if the documents are good quality?

Highly-qualified attorneys draft every document offered on Laditum. Additionally, Laditum reviews each document prior to becoming available on the platform. Moreover, Laditum does its best to provide full transparency regarding authorship and document quality. Because we prioritize customer experience, we are currently developing a quality-rating system to assist customer evaluation. If you have any further questions regarding document quality, please contact us at

FAQ re: Authors

How much does it cost to join? How do I automate my documents? Are there any Author fees?

Laditum is free to join, for both Authors and Customers. When an Author joins Laditum, Laditum’s team works with them to automate their documents and create an Author Profile.  Once the Author’s documents are available to the public, Laditum receives a commission from the Author upon each sale.  Commissions and transactional fees are calculated in accordance with Laditum’s Fee Schedule.

Can I provide documents, even if I am not a lawyer?

Yes.  Laditum’s library is vast and permits business documentation drafted by subject matter experts in many different fields.  (E.g., cybersecurity, real estate, insurance, etc.)

We do our best to periodically update the Frequently Asked Questions. Because we seek to maximize customer satisfaction and experience, we urge you to please contact us and provide any feedback.