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about laditum

About Laditum

Laditum is an online marketplace platform for customers to obtain high-quality and affordable legal documents without paying expensive hourly fees.  Using our site, you can order first-rate documents from Laditum-approved authors—licensed attorneys and subject matter experts.  Our Legal Document Library covers virtually all fields of law.

You can order via two different methods.  First, you can order a non-automated document, which the author will deliver to you after asking you preliminary questions. Otherwise, you can use our self-help questionnaires to create fully-customizable legal documents for immediate download.

Laditum’s Mission

Our mission is to provide easy access to affordable, high-quality legal documents by embracing technology and partnering with lawyers and subject matter experts around the globe.

Customized Documentation

Customers benefit from our platform’s intuitive, decision-tree technology and plain-English guidance when tailoring documents to their own needs and circumstances.  You can also learn about the customization process here.

Trusted Content

Laditum ensures that it offers only documents drafted by lawyers and subject matter experts.  Further, our internal team reviews and approves each lawyer before allowing them to sell on our platform.  We believe that documents offered on our platform are higher-quality than products offered by competitor websites or other legal document platforms.  (You can judge for yourself!)  Moreover, our transparency regarding document template authorship is unrivaled in the online legal services industry.


For Customers:

Laditum’s questionnaires are so easy to use that if you can click/navigate a mouse, you can create a custom document.

For Authors:

Laditum’s document automation software is so easy to use that if you can click/navigate a mouse, you can automate a document.


Laditum is operated by Helix Compliance, LLC.  Headquartered in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, Helix Compliance is a legal tech firm managed by US-based attorneys—current and former General Counsels, Chief Compliance Officers, and Law Firm Practitioners—who collaborate to “systematize” legal documentation embedded with the knowledge and expertise of legal advisors.  By embracing leading automation technology methods, Helix seeks to efficiently improve the quality, while reducing the cost, of fully customizable business documentation.

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